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interraciallife.com article

Interracial Couples on Daytime Television

Post date: 2012-09-13

So I am just in the middle of watching an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show. This may have been my first mistake however I have to admit that this English bloke is a pretty good host. I like how he lays the smack down on the guests when they get out of line. The episode is about a woman who says that the father of her kids is basically a dead beat.

They are an interracial couple. They are no longer together. The man has a new girlfriend who is being blamed for breaking up their happy
home. It is clear that at one point the couple was in love but all hell has now broken loose! I mean this isn't too different from the trend that is happening in America overall.

The divorce rate is still at the 50% mark so its not that these relationship fail any more than same race unions. What gets me seems to be the level of quality and drama that is involved. In this case the woman is an ex stripper (not that anything is wrong with that!) , hard core drug user and is charged with neglecting her kids. The woman is Caucasian the man is African American. The more I hear about the story the more I'm thinking wow "How come all I see on daytime television is dysfunctional interracial couples?" There has to be millions of completely functional interracial couples. Despite the increasing frequency of interracial couples in television commercials -the television shows that these ads support usually show pretty dysfunctional stuff.

Name the program Maury Povich, Judge Judy, Divorce Court it all seems the same: Dysfunction, dysfunction and more uhm dysfunction. I do
remember a real relationship between Lieutenant Cedric Daniels and Rhonda Pearlman on the hit HBO show the Wire. The relationship actually
seemed to work really well-the two looked good together. They were both also gainfully employed and weren't involved in any fist fights! I know
there have to be other solid interracial relationships on daytime television -I definitely don't spend all my time watching the tube. What I will say is that hopefully these good relations will start to drown out the "hot mess" that is oh too prevalent on tv nowadays.

Thats my rant!!!

Steve Johnson.