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interraciallife.com article

Interracial Relationship: How to approach a new flavor

Post date: 2012-10-11

So you have the urge for a different flavor of ice cream? You usually are into strawberry but you want to try chocolate. Maybe you just went into a Baskin Robbins and got sensory overload at the flavors you could get with sprinkles on top. How do you approach wanting a different flavor or ice cream without betraying the flavor you loved all your life?

Wait are we talking about ice cream or interracial relationships? Well no matter if you love vanilla all your life and you want to try pistachio or if you are a white guy wanting to date a black guy approaching both subjects are pretty similar.

At Baskin Robbins they would give you a free sample. If you did not like it you throw it away which means no harm no fowl but people arenít ice cream. They have feelings and you canít discard them like sour milk. If you are ready to take the plunge into dating another race here are a few simple things to remember.

Whatever new flavor of man you want to experience remember that your physical attraction to a person is different from cultural perceptions or a personís background all together.

First donít be ashamed of your attraction. If you are a Latino guy checking out an Asian guy donít be scared to admit that to yourself. It will allow your confidence to show when you finally get a chance to use those bad come-on lines.

Second donít be afraid to admit to whoever you go up to that it is your first time approaching a man of another race in a personal capacity. It shows that you are honest, not afraid to be who you are and you respect the other person enough to share that information.

Speaking of not being afraid of who you are the third thing you can do is just be you. Donít let your cultural perceptions about another ethnic group guide your behavior. If you are a nervous sort you may find it easy to stick your foot in your mouth and if you are not at a bar you have no whiskey to wash it down.

The last thing you want to remember is donít take rejection personally. Remember first time for you could be first time for them. Also there are some guys that want to stay with the flavor they already know. Just because you are ready for something new does not mean everybody shares your same idea.

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Tomorrow we end our interracial relationship series and you will find out how to make an already opposite relationship work

source: http://www.examiner.com/article/in terracial-relationship-how-to-appro ach-a-new-flavor