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interraciallife.com article

Single black women: tips for dating success

Post date: 2012-10-25

The U.S. Census Bureau's 2006 American Community Survey reported that 45% of black females are in the "single and never married" category compared with just 23% of white women. For Black women to successfully arrive at the altar requires an adjustment in screening criteria and solid dating habits.

Getting a Date

Casual Dating

Dating provides the opportunity for two strangers to spend time together sharing a pleasurable experience. The best dates are not dinner and a movie but an activity that gets you involved, having fun and talking. Have fun without creating expectations of anything long-term.

Listening to men is important to get to know him as a person. Listen to his words while paying strict attention to what he does. A man of his word is a man of character. Allow him to speak and ask questions about his interests, history and goals while sharing similar information yourself. Maintain a positive attitude and a smile.

Avoid controversial topics like religion, abortion or prison reform. He'll be interested in your experiences, and what things mean to you but not in gossip. Avoid discussion of past relationships as no man wants to hear how other men did you wrong.

Should you discover after the first few dates that this man is not what you are looking for in terms of character, attitude or maturity, be strong enough to end it and move on. Don't waste your time trying to "make it work."

Winning The Dating Game

It's common for single Black women to assume after a couple of dates that they are in an exclusive relationship. Many begin auditioning for the role of wife by cooking and cleaning. Assume that the new man in your life is seeing at least one other woman.

Until you have had a serious conversation about commitment, you are both free to date others. Should you decide to go to the next level, provide a grace period and opportunity for your partner to resolve past relationships.

As your relationship progresses, sex will become an issue. Premature sexual intimacy causes many women to develop emotional attachments to inappropriate men. You two are not an item which makes it inappropriate to expect fidelity or accountability even if you have become intimate.

Dating is a game, but you have to be in it to win it. Get out of the house or office and socialize in settings where you are likely to meet someone with similar interests. Never be afraid to make the first move by just saying "hello!"

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