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interraciallife.com article

The Greatest Version of Yourself - Interraciallife.com Article

Post date: 2015-04-22

In life many people are constantly looking for the perfect mate. The match that fulfils their checklist of needs. It doesn't matter that this checklist was made 20 years ago when you were in high school. Its a wishlist right? And you do deserve the best -don't you?

Well of course you do. Everyone deserves the best. And the key to getting the best is to become the Greatest Version of yourself. The fact of the matter, there is no staying still in life. Its like a muscle, either you are growing or dying. The key is to consistently improve the quality of yourself and you will instantly attract better quality women (or men).

Become more can mean different things to different people. It could mean that you are expanding your comfort zone by travelling or by becoming cultured by going to the Museum or the Opera. Too high brow? Maybe just by learning a new skill like how to play the guitar or maybe a new language. There are so many ways to expand the frontier of who you "think" you are as a person and when you expand - your options expand.

A wise man once stated that we don't get what we want in life, we get "who we are". In this case water always rises to its own level. That's sage advise whether we are looking for a traditional relationship or an Interracial relationship. The term "Interracial relationship" in itself is becoming obsolete. At this point we can just say "relationship"

In any case the key to more possibilities is to never stop expanding who you are: Read More, Learn More, See More and Do More. And guess what ?

You will have more.

Upwards and onwards!

Steve Johnson