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Evaluating Personal Ads: Part 1 - Interraciallife.com Interracial Dating Site

Post date: 2007-01-05

You're cruising through your most compatible matches on a dating site on the Internet and up comes the picture of that guy claiming to be a youthful 38. However, upon closer inspection, he appears to have more wrinkles than then one of those Chinese Pug dogs. He's at least 50 and has the waistline and hairpiece to prove it. You laugh and ask yourself, "Just who is going to fall for this?" And if they do, do they have to humor him all night, and say things like "My, you seem so full of wisdom for your age."

When evaluating personal ads on the Internet, your first clues about who and what the person is all about can be deduced from scanning the uploaded photo ...closely.

One sure indicator that a person might be hiding something is if they try to be cute by printing a photograph of their cat or their baby picture. Also watch out for photographs that appear to be out of focus or look as if they have been smeared with Vaseline.

Many age defying tricks are obvious. For instance, if the subject is standing twenty feet away from the camera, you can almost be certain they are much older than they claim. It is best to stick to subjects who have head shots. However, even a head shot may not reveal all. Women today can use make up and lighting to make 78 look like 28.

Blurry photographs or ones that look like they have been given the "Vaseline" treatment are also dead give aways that you may be dealing with a good match for grandpa instead of you. If the woman has her hair tightly pulled back in a ponytail, she is probably older than she appears, as that is what is called "the poor man's facelift."

Also look for props and devices that may be there to make the subject look hip, such as a red sports car, gold chains and bell-bottoms. Women who are shot holding their stuffed animals or pets may also be much older, as the eye is immediately distracted away from the face by the cuteness of the animal.

If every thing about the photograph itself appears normal, try examining the expression on the person's face. Do they look like a deer caught in the headlights? Are they smiling or scowling? Are they unkempt or did they go to the trouble to dress up for the occasion?

Perusing the person's written biography is also must. If literacy is a must on your list of must-have qualities in a partner, avoid contacting profiles that have too many spelling mistakes.

Paying attention to the tone of the way the profile is written can also give you tons of information about the individual. If they try to write a non-profile by talking about everything but themselves, then they might be evasive and not into commitment. If the profile is written in a sarcastic tone, remember that their humor is a defense mechanism that might one day be used against you.