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interraciallife.com article

Intercultural Dating As a Way to Come Together

Post date: 2007-01-09

One of the many benefits to living in a large city, is the amount of people an individual can come into contact with on any given day, at any given time. Each neighborhood is a city unto itself with neighborhood markets, small friendly bars, parks, cultural activities and so on. Intercultural mingling occurs without any premeditative thought or preconception. A simple stroll down the street can open up a world of new possibilities and new avenues for exploration. One of the best means of finding out about a new culture or ethnic group is to date a person from that background. Intimacy and relationships open doors for intercultural exploration and helps foster a meeting ground between to different people from different races, cultures or ethnic backgrounds.

Interracial dating sites allow a single person to search for someone else. Search parameters allow for body build, activities enjoyed, hobbies, educational background, and race. Each new ad increases the dating database and ups the odds of finding that special someone. These intercultural websites allow the freedom to chat and email back and forth between the two people, creating a way to get to know each other without the pickup lines found in bars and clubs.
For many years Internet dating and interracial dating sites, or for that matter any dating site, held a negative impression for the outside world. Many men and women feared meeting someone through the Internet due to the preconceived notions from the outside world. "What do I say when someone asks how we met?" "How do I know he/she isn't someone who works with me?" "What if someone I know sees that I have an ad on some website?" "How do I know this person isn't married and just looking to have an adulterous affair behind their spouse's back?" These are all valid questions that each person must face before tackling intercultural, interracial dating sites, or for that matter any Internet site.

So you join some intercultural, interracial dating sites. Now what? Well be prepared to take some flak from members of both your race, culture or ethnic group as well as theirs. You wouldn't think that in today's enlightened society that you would find people still uncomfortable about interracial or intercultural dating, but they are out there. Recently I overheard a group of obviously educated and professional African American women having lunch at a trendy spa. The target of their very malicious attacks was an attractive Caucasian woman and very handsome well dressed African American male who were engaged in a bit of love play, kissing, holding hands while eating at a nearby table. These upstanding women very loudly and vocally attacked the character of the male for dating outside his race.

There were derogatory remarks made towards the Caucasian woman regarding "stealing one of our men", and she holding her head high walked out of the spa with her man by her side. She did not deem these women worthy of a verbal confrontation. Be aware. Racial stereotyping and bigotry on ALL sides still exists and there will be things said. But, each intercultural and interracial romance that blossoms helps make this world a little bit closer to finding unification.

That doesn't mean that we will all be the same, it means that preconceived notions, stereotypes and bigotry can be eradicated.