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interraciallife.com article

THROWBACK ARTICLE: Guess who's coming to dinner now? The sudden upsurge of black women/white men cel

Post date: 2006-01-28

The Sudden Upsurge of Black Women/ White Men Celebrity Couples

BLACK women, White men. Its impossible not to notice, for they seem to be everywhere. On the pages of glossy magazines. Smiling happily on television shows about the lifestyles of celebrities. Enduring trials and tribulations on the daily soap operas.

For many years it was quite common to see famous Black men in the company of White dates or mates, while Black women escorted by White men were more of a rarity. But that seems to be changing quite rapidly, especially among the celebrity set. Today, you are just as likely to see a photo of a glamorous brown-skinned beauty on the arm of a Caucasian man as you are to see a Black man with a White date or mate.

Consider, for example, that among the most popular couples in the media these days is beautfful model Iman and her new husband, rock star David Bowie. In the wave of publicity surrounding Tonya Pinkins winning a Tony Award for Jellys Last Jam, the brownskinned actress was shown celebrating with her husband, Ron Breyer, a Caueasian with long Afro-like tresses.

Actress Lynn Whitfield scored both career and personal hits with her starting role in The Josephine Baker Story, for before the movie aired she had married the director, Brian Gibson. Whoopi Goldbergs former husband is White, and the acclaimed actress is often photographed with White escorts at Hollywood events. Recording artist Chaka Khan is romantically linked to a German. Moreover, actress Nell Carter recently wed White hubby No. 2.