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interraciallife.com article

Tips for Making Cross-Cultural and Interracial Dating a Positive Experience

Post date: 2007-01-16

Cross-cultural and interracial dating can expose one to a variety of new experiences, and often a lot of stress. This article discusses ways to make cross-cultural dating a good experience for both people involved.

As globalization increases, more cultures interact with one other. Despite this cultural exchange, cross-cultural or interracial dating remains somewhat difficult because, although most people are able to deal with diversity, some are still uncomfortable with people of different cultures or ethnicities dating one another. If you're willing to challenge people's negative feelings about cross-cultural or interracial dating, then it can be a rewarding and interesting experience.

Here are some tips that may help make cross-cultural dating a fun experience.

Share Cultural Experiences with One Another

Many people who are interested in cross-cultural dating can see past a person's ethnicity, but being open-minded doesn't mean that they know everything about every culture. You may want to share your culture with your partner and vice versa. Start with one of your favorite movies or one of your favorite dishes. If you want to start with food, make sure your dinner choice doesn't have anything that your partner absolutely doesn't like or is allergic to. These first impressions can be the defining impressions your partner has of your culture, so you want them to be the best that it can be.

Be Considerate

When sharing your culture or when your partner shares his or her culture, you want to be respectful at all times. Don't force your partner to do anything or be critical when your he or she wants you to try something new.

Forcing your partner or being unreceptive may put an unrepairable strain on your relationship. Many people are very sensitive about their cultures because they feel that it's a part of who they are, so it's important to be sensitive to that. You probably want your partner to be respectful of your culture, and in order to get respect you have to give it.

Also remember that all cultures are different. You may not always understand something your partner says or does. Try to appreciate your special someone for his or her uniqueness.

Cross-cultural dating can be an exciting experience that exposes you to new things. It allows you to be exposed to new perspectives and new people. Such rewards can definitely outweigh the negativity of people who are unwilling to learn about other people.