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interraciallife.com article

Tips To Increase Your Online Dating Success

Post date: 2006-01-28

The larger percentage of online dating services are honest, popular and busy places where people really do meet, get to know each other and make dates for the real world. People can introduce themselves online and meet face-to-face and begin great friendships, relationships, and yes I'll say it, even families.

So, if you are serious about using online dating to meet people, begin friendships and relationships but you are having little success with the services you are currently using I have this advice to offer you:

1. When joining any service be sure to complete the membership profile as much as possible. If you are not comfortable answering any question where anyone can read your response, don't leave it blank, put in it's place "ask me" or something similar. You don't seem to be very interesting if you leave most of the profile questions blank or the answers you've given don't seem realistic or thoughtful.

2. Include a photo of yourself. It should be a very recent photo. The photo should be clear, in color and showing you from the shoulders up. Generally full-figure pictures are too small for someone to clearly see your face and you also have to keep in mind the limited size available to show your digital picture in your online profile. Most people that are getting disappointing responses to the online personal don't have a picture posted.

3. Many online service are now allowing you to upload a short video message. Use this to your advantage. Get yourself a webcam, they can usually be purchased in any computer store for under $50.00. Click record and talk about where you live, what you do for a living and why you're trying online dating. Keep your message short, to the point and be sure that your face is clearly visible and your voice is steady.

4. Browse the profiles of your chosen service in an ever widening circle/area. Start your search for people to meet in your city, then other local cities, then state/province and move on from there. You don't know who's moving closer to you in the future, so don't be disappointed by early poor results in your local area. many people will relocate for love (maybe even yourself) so distance isn't a concern in the beginning when you are first meeting people.

5. Many services allow you to "bookmark" or place into a "favorites" list the member profiles you find attractive and interesting. Do this before you start sending out messages. Once you have 10 or so profiles saved, re-read all the profiles and start sending out short introduction letters. (Also note: many online services have a feature that allows you to send out "smiles" or "hugs". Feel free to use this feature instead of introduction letters. Be sure to keep track of who you've sent messages to, you'll want to know how long it has been from the time you sent your message to the time you received your reply. Use this sheet to help.

6. Your introduction letter or at the least, your first regular message to someone, should include the following information:
- general location of where you live
- what you do for a living
- two or three things that you like to do that make you a fun person
- what you found interesting in the person's profile

7. Try a different service and don't be afraid to send twenty or thirty dollars for a full membership. You'll get noticed more, you'll be able to send and reply to more messages and your online dating experience will be greatly enhanced!

Happy Dating!