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interraciallife.com article

First impressions last forever

Post date: 2007-02-07

This section will inspire you to getting your first e-mail just right when you're online dating. You probably won't get it right first time but then the first person you e-mail will definitely not be your last.

So use these as practice e-mails. After sending a few you will know what gets good responses and what doesn't.

Composing your Messages

When composing your first e-mail to someone who has caught your eye, mention something about them that you have read in their profile. This will show you have been paying attention and show an immediate interest.

Don't just put "You look hot. Would you like chat?"

Although some will find this flattering, in general, a message like that will get ignored at an online dating web site.

Show interest in them

You don't want it looking like a message that could be sent to just anyone. Give your message that little something. You want it to stand out from all the other messages your online single has received.

For example...

I see you like Italian cooking. I haven't experienced the pleasure of Italian food, perhaps you could recommend a dish that's easy to cook.

Adding humor

If you decide to add some humor make sure it is aimed at yourself and not your prospective online date. Also make sure humor comes naturally to you and your not forcing or faking it.

This could end up making you look silly and unattractive.

Never pester people

If someone hasn't responded to your e-mail...

Do not pester them.

Just move on, you don't want to look like a stalker and get disliked. Online dating gives you the opportunity to find another single you are interested in. So use this to its full advantage.

You're there to be popular not unpopular.

Be patient

Keep the messages short.

You will have plenty of time to chat to them about yourself. Use your e-mails to find out about them.

Showing more interest in them will be in your favor. Nobody likes people who continually talk about themselves.

After a few e-mails it will be time to move onto an instant messenger conversation. That's when the conversation will open up more, giving you the chance to talk a bit more about yourself.