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interraciallife.com article

What do you think when you read someones dating username?

Post date: 2007-02-09

Interesting and unique usernames will almost certainly make an impression on you, so should you try and create an unnusual and creative username for yourself? That depends upon how it's used by your chosen dating site, and your desire to stand out,but if it's prominently displayed then it's certainly worth giving a moments though to at least. There is a more detailed and personal look at headlines and usernames in our online dating personal ad builder but this should help you to get started.

Do your research

Before you start take a look at your chosen online dating site(s) and see what usernames other dating profiles on the site have and check out the format. Is the user name prominent? Some sites just use first names, some display the headline or tagline most prominently but other display the username.

To use your birth year or not

You will often see usernames that are created when the user combines their name and year of birth e.g. Jane76 or James1958. There is certainly nothing wrong with this and it may be the safest option if you canít think of anything else as it certainly wonít offend anyone however itís not particularly original and you may well find that your particular combination has gone already so donít be disappointed! Adding other random numbers to your name is an alternative you can try but donít use your house or phone number for obvious security reasons.

Avoid using the same id as your email address

A lot of dating sites will prevent you doing this anyway but itís good common sense to avoid this so people canít guess at your email address. Using a dating site does provide you with anonymity and therefore security and itís best not to release personal details until you are ready to do so.

Should you use your nickname?

If you have a nickname then you could use it but think of the way your readers will interpret it first and make sure you are comfortable with any responses you may get. Something that is amusing, personal and appropriate to your friends and/or family may not be entirely appropriate for strangers!

You could use an adjective

Whilst your profile shouldnít be a list of adjectives a carefully chosen one for your username can grab attention. Take a word that people often use to describe you and then look it up in the dictionary or thesaurus to see what alternatives there are. You might find something really interesting or obscure to use. E.G. You might be full of fun and life so you could try using animated, spirited, energetic, enthusiastic, vibrant, exuberant, effervescent, vivaciousÖ.etc.

Maybe add a title or a noun to your chosen username

You could use a title before your username or you could add a noun such as girl, man or dancer. Use with an adjective or your name for maximum impact. E.G. ms.vibrant, missmary effervescent-lady, lady-jane, adventurous-biker or dr.john.

Avoid sexual connotations

Unless you are registering with a specialist introduction site or only looking for sexual liaisons then itís probably best to avoid anything with a sexual connotation for obvious reasons. For guys anything that involves reference to size, muscles or bad behaviour is usually a turn off and for women reference to shape or even hair colour may lead to generalisations and assumptions which you may prefer to avoid.

Use your favourite character from a book, film or history

If there is a particular character you admire then you could a version in your username. Just think through how different people might relate to that character though and be sure you are happy with the idea.

Refer to one of your hobbies or passions

If you like rock climbing or run marathons and you talk about it in your profile then a related username gives your reader an immediate reason to read on if itís a sport or hobby they are particularly interested in. This can be particularly effective when your profile picture is also related to your username for example if you like to run marathons then you crossing a finishing line could be a great profile picture!

Always use the first rule of advertisingÖ

Imagine you are your target audience and think about how they will react to your username and then adjust it accordingly. If you find it difficult to put yourself in their shoes then ask one of your friends whose opinion you trust or try checking it out using a search engine and see what you get!