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Learn What Not To Talk About On The First Date With A Woman

Post date: 2007-03-09

The tongue is a slippery organ and the mind that controls it, can go in different directions if not kept in control. Do you want to kill your date with a beautiful woman due to speaking something that should have have been said? Certainly not. Can we examine and find out what can negatively impact a woman? Let us begin.

No woman will enjoy any talk that brings any negatives in mind during the date. What she wants is a talk that is more positive if not totally romantic on the first date. Do you wish to talk about your past alliances with women and how you had to separate? That will certainly not impact your date romantically or positively. That may surely make her wonder if both of you will also not be separating after some time. So please avoid any talk of past alliances - either yours or hers. Focus on the general mood of the setting and try to create the mood more positive with your smiling face and attractive talk.

What about talking of the violence in the society and other such bad news. They are great materials to talk in a debate, but not on a first date. Why not to focus more and flatter her about her dressing style rather than talking of violence and such other subjects that can take the romance away. This also means that exclude any talk of her job, unless she shows any inclination towards it. Who knows her boss? He/she might be the villain in her life. Why enter unknown territory and kill your chances. Same goes for her family.

How about talking of health? That is another land mine to avoid. Someone dear to her may be having serious health problems and talking about that will certainly not result in a romantic evening. Better to speak of such things in a hospital, but not on your first date with a beautiful woman you want to win over. So do you now think that if you boast about your achievements, or money, you will be impressing her? Unless she is after money herself, (in that case you should drop her immediately), avoid talking of money or boasting about your achievements. She will guess things positively by your manner and confidence in talking.

Most of the population is auditory. People hear and make guesses. Moods can be created with a beautiful talk and mood can be killed by the bang of noises. Remember that on your first date. You wish to create a mood to get another date and then another till you get a lifemate. Better to try and create the mood for that with a talk that is soothing to the nerves, exciting for the heart and brings laughter. Avoid everything that kills the mood. Enhance everything that can build the mood.

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