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What If You Are Not A Head Turner?

Post date: 2007-03-13

Most of you believe in looks. Looks make the first impression, isn't it? What if you meet a stunner and after talking for some time, you find the person to be dumb? Does the idea of dating such a person excite you? Certainly not.

Though you think that looks matter a lot, it is not true. It is the personality that attracts. The best looking person who looks awkward while walking will not attract any positive attention. Personality has many ingredients. The way you walk. The style in which you sit. Your talking style matters quite a lot. If somebody has a loud voice, no romance can happen. Use of tone is very important. Same is true with choice of words. Those who picture with words are powerful creators. They can attract attention of any person. Look at your personality before deciding that you are not good dating material and don't deserve the best.

Attraction can be defined. There is no scientific formula. Attraction comprises of many qualities. Some of them are perceived only by your subconscious mind. Pay attention to the personality and develop an irresistible personality to win the dating game.

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