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interraciallife.com article

Are You In Love With Looks?

Post date: 2007-03-13

Many of you fall in love at the first sight. That is a heavenly experience and not very common. You like a person of opposite sex at the first sight and dream about her/him after that. You wish to meet that person and love that person. You have already fallen in love, at least that is what you think. Did you fall in love with that person or his/her looks?

Many of you confuse looks with love. You love the looks and not the person. But you don't realize that. Nobody can fall in love at first sight. For falling in love, you have to understand the person better, share thoughts and genuinely like not only the looks but also the personality. When some one says that he/she fell in love at the first sight, it was not love but infatuation.

Love goes much deeper than wild animal attraction. Love means that you want something from your beloved and you want to give something in return to your darling. Love is complex and you may genuinely love a person for many reasons, like - he/she protects me from the world. Love is multi-dimensional and cannot be so easily defined. That is the reason, what many of you call as love, turns to hatred after some time in many cases.

If you think that you are in love with someone, try to imagine that person ugly looking. Now think if you still love that person. If not with full intensity, at least with some intensity? That will tell you about what kind of love is that. If you are in love with the looks, please redefine your priorities. Looks will wither away after some years. What will happen to your love after that?