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interraciallife.com article

Looking For The Perfect Date

Post date: 2007-03-23

We have our concept of perfection. We all have our preferences. There are few things, we love and few that we hate. Sometimes, people draw a list of what all they must have in their dating partner. If he is ok in everything, but has bad table manners, he is not for me. She is perfect except that when she laughs, it looks somewhat weird.

Do you also think like this? Then you may never get your perfect date. To avoid falling in this trap, do one thing. Before you reject somebody, ask that person about his/her conception of the perfect partner and find out where all you score on that card. That will open your eyes. You want a perfect partner, but you yourself are not perfect.

Rather than searching for perfection, search for somebody you think will make you feel good and reciprocal. As nobody is perfect on this earth, you have to make compromises. Don't compromise on major issues, but minor ones that can always be ignored. There is no formula for a perfect relationship except deep understanding. Don't search for perfection. Search for an understanding partner.