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Platonic Relationships.

Post date: 2007-03-25

We make friends because we want to connect with others. We love somebody not only because we want to connect but also because of the hormones. Our physical need is more important in love than in friendship. Nobody can survive only with love and no friends and nobody will love life if he/she has only friends and no love.

Friendship- About Platonic Friendship
You make friends with both the sexes. Are your relationships same with both the sexes? Can you relate as well with a friend of opposite sex as you do with a friend of the same sex? This is a tricky question. The answer will depend a lot on your own natural tendencies and your opinion about love and friendship. Some of you can never have any platonic friendships with anybody from the opposite sex, while many of you find it very easy.

Love- Is It Possible Without Friendship?
Let us ask you in the end. Can you love somebody deeply without being friends with him or her? How do you connect with your beloved as compared to your friends? What differentiates the two relationships? The answers to these questions shape your life and your relationships. You should ponder over these questions to enjoy better relationships.

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