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interraciallife.com article

Dating and Story Telling

Post date: 2007-03-27

For many of you conversation is a big problem during a date. Most of you get stuck while talking. After that silence rules for some time till you find what to say again. Once the flow is broken, the experience suffers. How to make sure that this does not happen? The answer is - tell stories. Go back to your childhood. Remember all the stories you heard and read. They brought you much fun and excitement, isn't it? A story always holds the attention. Even now when you are an adult, a good story will hold your attention. Stories have an attraction for the human mind. Use stories during your date. Let us give you an example.

If you find that you have nothing to converse, go back to any memory that was compelling. Anything that happened in your life when some thing happened that held your attention or was very funny. Put that experience in the form of a story. When I was five years old, our neighbor lost his dog. Continue from there.

Any story that holds attention and has excitement or fun will keep the conversation on and keep your date interested. Learn the art of story telling for winning in dates.