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interraciallife.com article

Success Dating- Be The One To Be Won

Post date: 2007-03-31

Most of us want to win something. Our mindset is such that we believe that by trying to get something or somebody, we will get it. How about reversing the mindset and seeing the results? Think of yourself as the most desirable object. Think of yourself in positive terms. Don't overdo this.

When you make yourself as the desirable object, you go in to a different mindset. You don't want to win, but you want to be won. You are throwing a challenge to others. Here I am. Let me see who can win me. You will find a new confidence in you and you will also be surprised by the results. People of opposite sex you wanted to date desperately, will request you for one. Make yourself wanted. But as said before, don't overdo it. Don't let people call you a proud person who is not bothered about others. They should think of you as a very desirable person. That is the key.