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interraciallife.com article

Are You Frustrated With Your Date?

Post date: 2007-04-03

So, you are going steady with someone for some time now and dating him/her regularly. Slowly it dawns on you that both of you are not the right match. Your instinct tells you that you are right. But you are not able to gather the strength to tell your steady about this. You would rather continue hoping for the best rather than facing the reality and breaking to start afresh. Still you are not doing it. It sounds surprising, isn't it? But many people carry on with relationships that are going nowhere. They want to delay the inevitable to delay the pain. This does not work because the pain increases over time. What should be done? The answer is obvious. Sit with your steady date and talk it out.

Why do many people continue with relationships that are going nowhere? First, they are worried about the pain of the process of breaking away. Secondly, they don't want their time spent together go waste and begin afresh with someone else. You wasted your six months or a year, and you have nothing except failure to show for that, maybe a common lament. Third - what if the next date turns out to be worse? Dating that is going nowhere frustrates.

The only solution is to make a clean break. Forget the past as soon as possible and begin with a positive frame of mind. The one change you need to bring in this is before becoming steady with one person - date many. Don't be in a hurry to decide about who you will be dating regularly. Your next date may turn out to be far better than yesterday's. Therefore date few and then think about who may be proper to go forward with. Carrying the past failure in mind will result in more waste of time in regrets. Clean the slate and go ahead with the hope of finding the best. Have no fear that what happened may repeat. The law of probability may rather go in your favor.