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interraciallife.com article

Are You Dating The Wrong Person?

Post date: 2007-04-16

Getting a date, having a terrific time together and then going for more dates. Slowly, both of you feel that you are made for each other. In the beginning of your love life, you have still not found out much about the future plans and thoughts of your sweetheart. Slowly you begin realizing that both of you are headed in different directions in the future. You feel helpless and frustrated. 'What do I do now? Am I dating the wrong person and thinking of a future together. Am I in love with a person who does not fit in with my plans and with whom I don't fit?' are some questions that come to your mind.

The tragic part is that some of you don't think and realize about these factors till your relationship comes a long way. Some do it after getting married. Would it not be better if you find out more about the future plans of your prospective partner in the beginning itself? Obviously, you cannot ask that as the first question on the first date. You have to break some barriers and begin liking each other first. After that you should indirectly find out about the plans of your partner. Listening actively from day one will be of great help. Sometimes, you get clear hints but choose to ignore them. Sometimes, you keep up with wishful thinking.

Liking and loving will not solve life's problems. All of us have our priorities and unless our priorities match and we are sure that we are headed in the same direction, the ride will be very rough. Find out more before you realize that you are dating the wrong person.