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interraciallife.com article

Love At First Sight - A Danger of Dating

Post date: 2007-04-25

Why does one date? Why do we seek a partner of the opposite sex? To get love and to give love. To care for and to get cared for. To protect someone and to get intimacy in return. Love brings an euphoria that cannot be described. Love can not be calculated nor planned. One falls in love with a person at the first sight. What was that attraction? It might have been the face, or the eyes, or the body or the laughter etc. We ourselves do not know why we love a person madly.

This happens in dating. If you happen to fall in love during your first meeting, you are in a dilemma. You don't know much about that person. You don't know whether he/she reciprocates your love? You don't know whether you will be able to live with person. You don't know if that person has any habits that you will hate. You don't know quite a lot, but you have fallen in romantic love and are already dreaming about that. This is no fairy tale story, but this happens to many in real life. Love defies all calculations and is beyond logic.

What is to be done in this situation? The first need is to control the urge and give head a little space along with heart. Reality can turn out to be different and a wrong choice may lead to a marriage but end with bitter divorce. Better to take careful steps ahead. Suppose you were house hunting. You would write down few requirements that the house must fulfill for you to buy. You don't do that in romance. But after falling in romance that is passionate, please do this. Prepare a list of what you would like your potential partner to have. Check him/her out on all these points and find out if he/she fits the bill. Proceed after satisfying yourself, otherwise the initial euphoria of passionate love may land you with a person you may hate afterwards. Better break your heart in the beginning rather than going through years of relationship and end with separation.

Treat love like a wild horse. Control it and you will reach your destination. Leave it alone and it will go around anywhere. Life is precious. Save it for better love that satisfies you over a long period. Don't let your emotions drive you to take unwise decisions.