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10 Nice Things You Can Do For Him

Post date: 2007-07-28

There are amazing nice things that you can do for the man in your life to let him know how much he means to you. This is all about concerning for his personality and hobbies to demonstrate that you care about him. Surprise your man with these thoughtful and tailored gestures.

Have his car professionally detailed – Many men take pride in their car and enjoy spreading their time to make sure it looks and runs its best. You can let him know that you understand his fascination with his car by making the arrangements to have the car detailed. If he will be out of town for a few days, try making the arrangements so that it will be a surprise for him when he returns. If you are unable to do this in secret, go ahead and let him know about your plans.

Complete a chore that he does in the house – If he usually takes care of mowing the lawn, plan to come home from work early one day to mow the lawn before he gets home. He will not only be excited to not having to take care of this chore but will also be excited that you recognize the effort he puts forth into completing this chore.

Purchasing a gadget – Many men enjoy all types of gadgets and figuring out one that he is interested in and purchasing it for him will be a very welcomed gift. It will also show him that you were paying attention while he was talking about this gadget and you understand how much it means to him.

Meeting him at work – Surprising the man in your life is another nice thing you can do for him. Take him out to lunch and spend some extra time with each other. The element of surprise will let him know that you are thinking of him. Also, having a break in his day where he can relax and enjoy your company will make the rest of the day seem to go by much more quickly for him.

Take control of plans for a date – Men are usually the ones who are in charge of planning and paying for dates so he will be grateful for you making date arrangements for a night. Carefully plan out a fun date filled with activities that he will enjoy and don't rely on him to take care of any details, even in paying for the date. The man in your life will feel pampered for the evening and will enjoy having the stress of date planning off his shoulders.

Pick up a magazine or book of his interest – Doing so would let him know that you understand his interest and that you want him to have some time to enjoy thinking about his favorite hobby.

Learn about his favorite sport – He may enjoy spending his weekends watching his favorite sports teams and, if you are not normally a fan of this sport, you will surprise him by taking an active interest. Try doing some research on your own to learn a little more about his favorite sport and team and the next time he is watching a game, sit with him and ask pertinent questions. He would be astonished at you knowledge and eager to teach you more.

Buy him flowers – Women receive flowers for special occasions and sometimes for no reason at all. However, men don't often receive flowers so showing up with a bouquet for him will be a welcomed surprise. He would appreciate the novelty of the gift and be delighted with the gesture.

Purchase tickets to see his favorite band in concert – While his type of music may not be your first choice, it's something he enjoys so give him a chance to indulge himself. He would be excited to share his music with you and will be glad that you are interested in hearing the music with him.

Learn to barbecue – Many men enjoy barbecued foods, and they would also appreciate the opportunity to indulge in them without having to do any of the work. Preparing a barbecue would let him know that you realize it's a meal he enjoys and that you appreciate the effort he usually puts forward to prepare his meal.

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