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The Success of Barack Obama: Effects on Interracial Dating

Post date: 2009-01-04

November 4th, 2008 was a day the most of the world will never forget. This was the day that millions of people of every race, creed, color, gender and sexual orientation received a symbolic message. A message that has been missing from world politics arguably since its inception.

The message in question here, directly contradicted the message that many people have heard their entire lives. A message that has so easily rolled off the tongues of people with both good and also very bad intentions. The simple words: "no you can't". How devastating to the psyche, these words.

Innocently spoken from parents attempting to refocus a wayward child. Spoken from teachers, priests, and friends. These words implied "limitation". Surely someone with a learning disability should refocus their attention away from education. Someone who was socially and economically at the bottom of the totem pole should in essence realize their "limitations" and carve out a decent existence within the scope of their "environment".

The key that was missing in the entire equation was the ability of an individual to choose their "environment", their "world". Make their life as brilliant, successful, and as loving as they envisioned. Isn't this the foundation of what a democracy is built? The truth is that despite the best of intentions in many cases, reality can be a cruel teacher. A teacher that often blurs the collective lenses of all of us on what an individual is capable of. On November 4th, 2008 the lenses of the world were recalibrated.

The self limiting notion of "No we Can't" , "No He Can't" and No they Can't" was replaced with a resounding and inspiring "Yes We Can!"

"Yes we can" reach our most lofty aspirations, "Yes we can" dream of a world much different and better then our current world". "Yes we can" love who we want"

The landslide victory of Barrack Obama has important implications in the realm of relationships. While there is still work to be done, the concept of "change" implies acceptance of differences. Same Sex relations may not be completely accepted, but movement in the right direction is undeniable (despite California's recent law change). Interracial Relationships are more socially accepted then ever. The notion that the child of a Black Man and White woman is now the Leader of the Free World, shows that greatness can be born from the love of ANY two people.

While reading Barrack Obama's book "Dream's of my Father", the relationship between his parent's didn't last as long as maybe they intended, the fact of the matter is that this victory is great for America, people who thought their lives were limited, and its definitely a symbol of pride for the notion of Interracial Relations.

Steve Johnson
Jan 4th, 2009

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