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interraciallife.com article

Success Tips. Approaching Interracial Dating For the First Time

Post date: 2011-11-03

Ok so here it is. All your life you have had this attraction. You're not exactly sure when it started but you know that butterflies in the stomach and dry mouth syndrome always hits you when you see the object of your affection. Since you've never dated someone like her before and hardly interact with women like her you are struggling with how you can ever move this fantasy into real life.

Part of you is in knots because you've read way too many blogs, watched one too many movies that have told you that YOU are not her type. And any attempt at flirting or making a move towards asking her out will leave you down rejection alley.

Well thankfully you are reading this. I wish we could see each other right now.. but since we can't just imagine. READ MY LIPS! The only thing that is stopping you from dating a hot girl even if of a race so different that yours is YOU. I will repeat myself here. The only thing stopping you from living out your ideal self is YOU.

Please do me a favor and DO NOT try to act like someone that you think she would like to date. You need to be you. No corny lines, no need to re-read the GAME and try some reverse psychology treating her like dirt hoping she will like you and find you "mysterious".

The truth is meeting someone with the intention of romantic dating takes the same approach in Interracial Dating as it does in non-Interracial Dating.

If you are confident, fun, genuine and let things happen naturally. Good things are bound to happen. If you are in the grocery store and a beautiful woman that you would like to date is standing next to you reaching for the Heinz ketchup instead of slinky away and missing the opportunity. Smile at her, say something witty. The fact is that great opportunities to meet great people are right under your nose.

If you live in a place that doesn't have too much diversity, you may need to make a point of visiting some cultural events, or culturally diverse nightclubs or churches or bowling alleys. OR just stay where you are at Interraciallife.com and good things are bound to happen.

Good Luck and as my main man ET The Hip Hop Preacher says : MAKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE!