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interraciallife.com article

How do you know?

Post date: 2011-12-13

There are a hundred and one articles that "claim" to give you the secret on whether a girl likes you or not. I'm not saying they are wrong. Well actually some of them are very, very, very wrong! Some of them are flat out spewing hot air. Some articles say watch out if she touches your elbow or if she nervously rubs her index finger around the rim of her glass. Well, while these all may be good signs, I think you need not look any further than the wise old Tony Montana for the real answer. What?? Excuse me? No idea who Tony Montana is. I think I just lost my dinner! Ok seriously dating advise from the man who is famous for saying "Say Hello to my Little Friend!!?" Seriously, stay with me he knows a little something.

To anyone who remembers the movie Scarface will remember the classic scene where Tony and Monolo are sitting in Tony's old pimped out Cadillac. Tony is swearing that the boss' lady likes him. Monolo is just happy they are making money and are no longer in the immigration camp. Monolo says "How do you know? (how do you know she likes you?)" And in one of my favorite lines from my favorite movie.. Tony says "The eyes chico ...they never lie"

And there it is. It happened so fast that you could have missed it. THE EYES. So many times we've been told that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The soul, the origination of all feeling, all emotion! That's significant. There's no way to hide what the soul feels. Thats why police interrogators are trained to read the eyes of suspects. They can tell when someone is lying just by looking at which direction their eyes go when they are asked certain questions. Remember, people always look down when they are about to give an emotionally charged response! Try it yourself.

Back to the message. If you are out- anywhere, bar, nightclub, supermarket and a beautiful young lady looks up at you and takes extra long with the glare. there's a great chance that there may be interest. A double take or triple take and your in! Well, either your in or you've reminded her of some murderer, stalker or long lost cousin. hmmmmm...

Its going to take some practice and trial and error but through experience, both person and through many of my trusted sources, there's something to it: THE EYES. It won't work all the time because married, and girls with boyfriends can still have the "infatuated, interested eye" look. It is however a great starting place and if you become more aware of your surroundings, you'll bound to pick up on this key signal!

The rest my friend is up to you! Witty conversation, minty breath and adorable dimples seemed to be appreciated by women as well. ;)

With any luck you may be able to go from flirting to dating to wow maybe even marriage; and then you'll be quoting another line from this famous movie:! THE WORLD IS YOURS!