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interraciallife.com article

Women like Progressive.

Post date: 2012-04-06

So is that it? Is that what its all about. Well of course not. There's more to a man than upward mobility in his career, a Management position or some letters behind his name. A PHD or MBA definitely doesn't hurt but most women (and men too) are looking for someone who has some sort of direction in life.

I remember hearing a speaker say that if a muscle is not growing its dying. The same is true about a person. If that person isn't getting better in some shape form or fashion, that person is slowing disintegrating before your eyes. This may be figuratively however it still rings true. When you review the profiles of most women, it is clear that someone with goals, drive and passion will catch their eye more than someone content with mediocrity. What are you good at? What gets you up early and keeps you working until late. Are you passionate about fitness, stocks, travelling? Whatever your passion, it is important to get it into words and make sure that its clear to everyone (especially that special someone) you meet.

Not only does a clear passion, and direction in life show a sense of confidence and belief in ones self, it also tends to separate you from others who may not know where they are heading. Someone who has direction is appealing to women. Don't believe me? Just ask.
People with goals and passion tend to have a more optimistic outlook on life and in many instances their enthusiasm rubs off on others.

Genuine enthusiasm.... no one likes Pollyanna, but if you are excited about whats going on in your life share it! You never know, that attractive lady may just want to share some of that excitement with you!

Interraciallife.com Article April 6 -2012