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interraciallife.com article

Knowing What you Like.

Post date: 2012-04-30

In this day and age it isn't uncommon to hear people who are presented with options to say the oh too frequently repeated "I am not sure what I want". Many college students have no clue what they want to major in after a year or two of university. Many adults of all ages still don't know what they want to be when
they grow up. And this is by no means a criticism. Its a fact that now more than ever we have more choices whether it is for our careers, our spring
wardrobe or our next vehicle. The world is filled with options. This is no different when it comes to dating. In most dating sites, you will see many people that
say "I do not have a particular type" or "not sure what I am looking for." The standard tall, dark and handsome can come with so many variations. Intellectual,
sporty, suave, shy, risk taking or a combination of all the above. To add another layer to this conundrum is the fact that as humans we are constantly growing, changing and learning. It has been proven scientifically that every cell in the human body is replaced every 7 years.

Now with the facts out of the way, the question is what do I do about this? How can I become more decisive about what I am looking for in a mate? The long and short is that there is no quick answer to this one. Only by putting yourself out there trying on different "outfits" sort of speak will you understand which type fits best with you. Beyond personality type, it is not unusual for people to have a long standing attraction to a certain ethnic group however they have never tried dating someone from that background.

The only way to find your soul mate is to try you never know what may happen. I recently read an article from a relationship expert who said that despite humans thinking that they know what they want in a spouse, in many occasions they really have no idea which type of person can really make them happy. That's a good reason if one exists to try to think and date even "outside the box". Find that type that puts the sparkle in your eye, butterflies in your stomach and take a chance!

Your Happiness awaits.

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