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interraciallife.com article

No Interracial Love on the Bachelorette

Post date: 2012-05-14

Ok so I guess its no surprise that the sole guy of color didn't make it past the first rose ceremony. Yep its kinda of a given. And let
me be the first to put this out there: This show is totally about Emily finding the man or her dreams. HER dreams meaning whom she
wants to wake up every morning for the rest of her life with. Now in terms of the voyeuristic viewers, there must be some Bachelorette or Bachelor show
that is more reflective of the real world or at least real America. There has to be a middle ground somewhere! I mean we have the Bachelor and then
there's the Flavour of Love (Yikes!). I mean what happened to the show Blind Date?? I mean at least on that show there was the odd interracial couple that
usually made for an excellent episode - and some serious connections.

Although my post started off talking lightly about the sole man of colour, there really isn't much representation of most races. I have never seen an Asian guy or a Mexican or Indian guy on one of these shows. And with the cast being pretty uniform it will lend that future seasons will be the same. The future Bachelor/ette are mostly chosen from stand outs from current seasons.

My opportunity alarms tell me that there is a potential arena for a new show that does feature a more diverse audience. I have to go with my hunches. I remember a few years back thinking about a game show featuring trivia from Hip Hop and low and behold I hear on the radio today there's one and its launching! Doh..

I am pretty sure that if the comments in the Twitterverse are any indication, there will be much demand for a Bachelor type show with an African America, Mexican American or Asian American dynamic. I can't wait for it and if can get off my lazy but maybe I can pitch the show to the networks and make some change to boot. Then maybe you'll see me as the next bachelor.. or maybe not .. ;)

Steve Johnson