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interraciallife.com article

Where's the Best Place to Find Interracial Love?

Post date: 2012-07-05

Ok so that's an easy one right? You are probably thinking that I will say on an online dating site. Right? Well its on the list however it may not be number one. While this list is not scientific by any means, it is definitely statistically significant. It's based on my personal observations, experience and anecdotal records from friends.

1. Outside.

This one is kinda tricky. Outside where? Everywhere. The main point here is that you need to be out and about the living people if you are going to meet anyone much less the love of your life. A wise person once said that things happen in life when you least expect it. I'm sure if you look into your past you will see that in a number of instances a significant other has waltzed into your life at the least expected time. Whether it was at a friend's barbeque, a wedding reception, baseball game, or even taking your dog for a walk. The times when you are just out enjoying life and being happy are the times when you are the most vibrant, and that is attractive. Since it is summer, patios are definitely a popular choice among both sexes, why not take a stroll to your local bar or Starbucks with some friends and enjoy. You just never know.

2. Friends.

This is another source of possible dating gold that goes untapped. While it may not be thought that jumps out at you right away, in so many instances, we have close friends that have just been in our lives and we kinda take them for granted. Some of these friends have become friends through work, school all kinds of activities. While its tricky navigating from friendship to romance, every person can agree that the best relationships start out when people are friends first. You know that cute friend of yours who is always giving you dating advice? Maybe she/he is possibly your future better half. Ok if this is not an option a lot of times friends may be able to play cupid and introduce you to a qualified single. Studies still show that a large percentage of Americans meet their significant others through friends. The other popular meeting place for Americans is .. yep you guessed it:

3. The Office.

We have all heard it before, don't mix business and pleasure. Very true if the thought is just to have a summer fling with the cute girl from accounting. However, if you are positive that there is potential, what's the harm in asking that cutie that you have been flirting with for the past 6 months out for dinner? You may want to ensure that the person is single.. however once the coast is clear.. Be BOLD and move forward! Remember the reward goes to the risk taker! :)

4. Church/Religious/Spiritual Event

While going to church to meet a man or woman should never be your soul purpose, it is a decent place to find commonality. Finding someone who shares your faith based beliefs can be a great foundation for a quality relationship. It may be best to wait till the sermon is over before you start macking. I'm just saying ;)

5. Online Dating

Well you knew this one was coming! With 1 in 5 relationships starting online, the internet is now a viable option for meeting quality singles. While the internet shouldn't be your sole method of meeting singles, it is a great way to compliment some of the areas we have already discussed. As with any other venue, it is important to exercise some common sense and really take the time to get to know someone before putting your feelings out there. Interracial themed sites are obviously a great choice to find people potential matches (http://www.interraciallife.com) however other main sites can also provide tangible results. Sometimes you would be surprised who contacts on some of the more mainstream sites. The other great thing about online dating is that it takes less courage to send an email or virtual wink than it does to strike up a conversation with a cute stranger!

What do you think? Did we miss some of the best places to meet a potential better half? Let us know and good luck!