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Fall into Interracial Love.

Post date: 2012-08-20

With labor day just a few weeks away it seems we are faced with that oh too common feeling of the end of a great summer and the impending transition to a new season. While fall is great in its own right, it has huge shoes to fill coming on the heels of what's considered the best season of them all! Fall is also the test of time for many budding relationships or those hot and heavy summer romances. In some cases as the weather cools so does the heat in some of these courtships. As a die-hard optimist I am hoping that as many as possible of these sun initiated romances go the distance. There's pretty much no better feeling than to be in love (or lust) in the summer. Since the topic here is fall. I will get back on track.

In speaking to many friends and associates, its clear that many have had great summer dates however that elusive spark is still missing. Many people fall into a routine of heading back to school, focusing more or work and just putting dating on the back burner in the fall. My message to you would be not to take that approach. Fall is a great time of the year and there are so many different activities that can make for exciting dates. Bike riding, taking a mini road trip enjoying the colors, visiting cider mills, football games, pumpkin carving, and haunted houses just to name a few.

The great thing about building that courtship in the fall is that by time winter rolls around, you will have someone to share another one of our favorite seasons with. Whether its a human blanket, getting cozy enjoying a movie, or just someone to crack some jokes with over a roasting fireplace. These are all activities that are fun and make hibernating that much better.

As always the message in my posts is to be open and receptive to love regardless of where it finds you. It could be at one of these great fall events, the supermarket or online. Just because the temperature outside is cooling down doesn't mean your love life can't continue to sizzle!

All the best and good luck!!

Steve Johnson
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